Question First Person Shooters, Single Player for Windows 8.1


Apr 5, 2018
Hi. It's been 15 years since I've done any gaming. Are there any of these type games for Windows 8.1 avaiable that don't require a subscription to some service - stand alone DVDs like the old days?
Yes, Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Epic Games Store, plenty of digital store fronts offer games that you only have to pay for once and it doesn't cost anything to sign up for them.

If you're asking if anyone still does physical releases for PC games still, no. Even if the game is sold at a physical retail store, often it's just a DVD case with a code inside or something like a gift card that you have to redeem on one of those store fronts
Also if you are still on windows 8.1, kind of an unwritten thing, but you should be able to download the windows 10 media creation tool and run that, then tell it to upgrade your pc. I think it was a situation where the feature was supposed to have been turned off but that they never did. At least any old versions of windows 7 or above I tried to update to windows 10 with the free upgrade always worked. Windows 10 is much better than 8/8.1 ever was imo.



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