[SOLVED] (First Post) RAM Problems. Apps crashing or not opening at all. [SOLVED]

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Apr 23, 2021
Hello! Thank you for clicking on my thread!
I am currently experiencing RAM-related issues with my almost 1-year old Dell Inspiron 3593 (Intel i5-1035G1 CPU 1.00 GHz, Quad Core, NVidia MX230 GPU 2GB VRAM, 4GB RAM stick onboard). (Will note that warranty has not yet expired!)
Apps are crashing (or not opening at all in some cases!), errors are being displayed, and my laptop seems like it's relatively slowing down.
I haven't had any blue screens and I hope I won't.
I've been trying to keep a "diet" with my apps, and open less apps than usual, keep score of usage percentage and end-task if necessary. But it's getting worse and worse as time passes and I do not know what other remedies to use (other than replacing/adding RAM or going to a service for a checkup).. What should I do? Would love a diagnosis.
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Hello there! Thanks for clicking on my post!
It appears I have solved my problems. A good friend helped me through with this and suggested I perform a "sfc -scannow" command in the admin cmd console. It worked wonderfully!
It seems like it was an integrity problems, as a couple of files were corrupted, which I assume that were either corrupting the RAM or consuming it.
I have stroke through the old post. It's still legible though.
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