Question First Projector Setup - Audio Question


Apr 18, 2015
So I'm looking into trying to setup my first somewhat home theatre. It's nothing crazy, just a projector and a screen, but it'll be better than what I have going on now. The projector I think I'm settled on is the ViewSonic PX700HD. Ultimately, I chose this particular one because of it's throw. I'm only going to be able to put the projector at a max of 8-9 feet from the screen, and this projector's ratio would net me a screen size of 110-110" at that distance, which is great.

Now, currently with my TV, I have a vizio sound bar, with a wireless subwoofer. It works great. I know some people think soundbars aren't good, but I'm not an audiophile, and it sounds great to me. I'd like to keep that setup with the projector, but I'm a little unsure how the setup will go. I'd like to primarily use the projector to watch movies, using either maybe the PS4 (netflix, usb files), or directly plugging in the USB to the projector. But, is there anyway around having to wire the soundbar on the other side of the room, to the projector? Is there any wireless options out there that are reliable? Any kind of guidance would be appreciated, new waters out here for me, so I'll take any help I can get.