First soldering need advice on how to solder a small case fan in a lar


Jun 29, 2012
i want to solder the mount plastic of the xlcio 250mm case fan onto the Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm case fan

what i plan on doing is simple im going to gut the xlcio windtunnel fan leaving only the outline (the part that attaches to my case) and im going to solder the smaller fan inside the outline gutted mount

now my question is what do i need to make sure the plastic sticks? and also i heard you cant solder on greasy plastic idk what that means alls i know is that the xlcio case fan is made of really smooth plastic (is that what they mean by greasy?)

i just bought the fans and am getting ready to solder in the next couple of days i have posted links of the items so you can get a mental picture of what im trying to do (xclio 250mm fan) (coolermaster 200mm fan)