First Time -Boot issues


Dec 6, 2011
So I am building my first computer, connected it all and fired her up, fans come on but no display. I opened up the case and saw that the Boot_Device and VGA LEDs were both on (I don't have a speaker so no beeps). So I went through the troubleshooting steps here on Tom's and realized I made a rookie mistake and didn't plug in my video card to the power supply.

The power supply I currently have won't be able to support the video card, so I will have to return it. My question is though, does the Boot_Device LED come as a result of the lack of video output or is that another problem entirely? If it is another problem should I simply wait until I get my new power supply to try and address it or are there things that I should do now?

Thanks for your help!

System Specs:

Motherboard: ASUS M5 A99X EVO
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4
Graphicscard: Zotac GEForce GTX 560
RAM: 2x4GB ( single 8 GB Kit) - PNY 1600 MHz
PSU: Logisys 550 W
HDDs: 1 Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500 GB
You should definitely deal with the PSU issue first.

Before you do anything else, I would like you to read three articles. It should be doable in 10 minutes each and well worth your time.

Why 99% of PSU reviews are wrong

Logisys 600w power supply review

XFX Pro 650w review

This last one is made by Seasonic. There is no better PSU maker.

The PSU is the most underrated computer component, it touches everything else and problems with it can be more frustrating than any other problem you can try to diagnose and fix.

Once we choose a different PSU, I will be more than happy to help you sort out the rest of the problems.

Until the PSU thing gets sorted out, I wouldn't suggest you take any other actions with the PC.
I don't think that a lack of video card would cause it to say no boot device.

However, a lack of power could cause it to say no boot device.

Boot device usually means hard drive.

More specifically, it usually means there isn't a bootable CD in the computer AND there is no hard drive detected with an OS on it.

Unless you are trying to reinstall windows, though, you can mostly ignore the no cd portion, though.

There certainly may be more work to do after the PSU replacement, but there may also not be more to do afterwards. It is hard to be completely sure at this moment.


Dec 6, 2011
I believe I will be going with an Antec EarthWatts 650, Hardware Secrets says it's a good PSU and it seems to be very cost effective. Might as well send in my monitor for RMA while I'm at it since it had a small scratch, I will update this thread once I get the new parts and have a result.

Also after reading your reply I may have made another dumb mistake on the boot, I thought that it would boot to BIOS without anything, I have a clean HDD and a disc drive hooked up, so what your saying is that it will only boot if I put the Asus CD in the disc drive?
The Antec EarthWatts 650 is indeed a good PSU and reasonably priced. I personally like really good PSUs at OK prices more than OK PSUs at really good prices, and the Antec 650w fits that well.

I would rather not RMA a monitor for a small scratch if it were me. I am an unlucky sort and it would be just my luck to have it sent to the manufacturer, the manufacturer fixes the scratch, and they ship it to me again and someone on the UPS truck throws the box around and when I get it back it is even more damaged than when I sent it out.

Others are not so unlucky though, so it may work out well.

If you had no OS on the hard drive and no CD in the CD drive then it quite possibly would have said no boot device for that reason. That seems like the most logical thing for it to say in that instance.

If you have an OS install CD and you put it in the drive, then it would boot with it, with the corollary that the CD drive has to be set as a boot device in the list of boot devices usable by the computer.

Yes. On the other hand, because you got that far, you know the system POSTed successfully with no detected hardware faults.