First time build, no BIOS screen


Apr 25, 2012
Hey guys, this is my first time building my own computer and I am having troubles. The build is located on this page and I followed an installation guide almost to perfection. However, whenever I boot up nothing shows on screen. All of the fans and lights are going but nothing shows up. I have tried many different monitors so I know that isn't the problem. Looking back, the only problem I was having was putting the clamp(socket) down over the CPU. I found that there was a lot of pressure needed to get it down and I fear I may have damaged the mobo's pins. Is there anyway I can confirm this or test it? Please help guys.
Think you ought to check for bent pins, shouldn't be any force required in engaging the load plate. If you aligned the processor right it would have dropped down on to the pins with a tiny 'clunk' when you released it from your fingers. Bent pins can be straightened with care, but are very likely to break if manipulated too often. You'll need an instrument with a very fine tip, I used a scalpel on an AMD CPU my young son tried to fit...