First time build.


May 4, 2009
First time a few questions....Heres the parts ive already got and some on the way..

CPU- AMD Phenom II 940
MOBO- Biostar TA790GX XE
RAM- 4 GB- Corsair XMS2 800MHZ (Possibly 8GB if i decide to order another set)
PSU- BFG 550 Watt PSU
VIDEO CARD- Sapphire 512 MB GDDR3 Radeon HD 4850
Optical- Samsung Dvd Burner
Hard Drive- Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM and a Western Digital 500 GB 7200 RPM

Im wondering if i got a good deal on all this? how much you think all this cost?

1) How does this hardware look for a computer?
2) Im not a huge gamer but if i do, does this set up look like it could play any game out right now and many to come?
3) Do you think i will need any kind of third party cooling system or fans?
4) Im going to have to go wireless, any suggestions on a fairly cheap PCI card that will giving me good connection if i game and overall a pretty consistent connection?
5)Any other suggestions? maybe something i may need to upgrade to get better peformance?