first time builder and could use some help with this build i'm planning on doing

Feb 1, 2019
however I've never built a computer i have torn down one cleaned it up and placed it back together and it worked fine so i'm confident i could build it but i'm not to sure about my parts and just wanted some suggestions on if this build is good and i'm having issues with finding a good PSU for it
i found a site to calculate my watts i'd need and it came to about 365 i was just hoping someone would be able to tell me if these are some decent parts for heavy graphic inducing games and long play time i'm not to picky when it comes to prices i just cant afford 1k parts but 500 here and there isn't to bad for me anyway thank you

motherboard: MSI MEG Godlike - $565
video card: msi geforce gtx 1070 ti - $540
CPU: intel i7-8700 - $305
CPU fan: cryorig c7 - $50
ram: G.skill ripjaws V series (2x16GB) - $235
SSD: samsung 970 evo (1TB) - $247
case: thermaltake view 71 rgb atx full tower - $175

Open to suggestions and helpful tips
What is the purpose of this build?

Your parts seem to me to be inappropriate.

The motherboard is outrageously expensive.
It is intended for maximum overclocking.
The i7-8700 is probably not appropriate for either gaming or batch applications.
32gb of ram is more than needed for gaming.

I might suggest a inexpensive Z390 motherboard and perhaps a i7-9700K.

The C7 cooler is not needed for a i7-8700 which will come with a cooler that is equally good.

If you opt for a stronger K suffix processor, you will want a better cooler. Perhaps a noctua NH-D15s.

For sizing a psu, this chart is helpful:

550/650w is plenty.
I like the Seasonic focus gold units.


Nov 25, 2017
adding to geofelt the gpu is overprice, you can buy a rtx 2060 with 350 and have almost the same performance, i wouldn't buy a gtx 1000 series for a new high end gpu unless it have a really good price and this isn't the case. themotherboard is to expensive and that i7 you are not going to overclocked so i will suggest a motherboard of $100-$200. i won't suggest use the stock cooler and that c7 isn't that greate, maybe with a cooler master t4 or an evo 212