First time builder. Heard you guys were very kind and helpful


Jul 24, 2011
Looking to build a decent gaming computer as my single core laptop i
got three years ago drives me insane! (Christmas gift).

I'm willing to spend $800.00 but would like if i could stay between $700.00-$800.00

I'd like it to be able to play most games on high to medium at the very least. If its possible for $800.00 to get me on high settings I'd be willing to go to that.

Main problems are i have almost no idea what to get or whats good a friend gave me this list does it look okay?

Amazon budget pc
are there places i can cut back or even improve there?

Heard that this is possibly a risky product ( Xion XON-630P12N ATX 12V 2.20 Version 630 Watt Power Supply SATA and SLI Ready )
but as i said i don't really know

Also need a monitor . not seriously but if anyone knows a decent one that could help me that would be very much appreciated. monitor does not need to count in the final price.

If anyone could help me out that would be so amazing!

Thank you very much if you even went so far as to read this :D.

Mad Dog 2112

Jul 23, 2011

Howdy.... Check the thread out below yours a bit.... I think it will answer most of your questions. I hope this helps

cya :wahoo: