Build Advice First time builder - opinions on system specs?

May 18, 2020
I everyone - I was on here a few weeks ago asking for advice on a CyberPower PC machine and ended up buying it... It was an Instant Ship system that ended up not being ready to ship for 5 weeks... So I cancelled it. I've decided to build my own system now which will be a first for me.

I'm a software developer and pretty big into gaming, coming from a MacBook Pro where gaming is kind of nonexistent. I am looking for a system that will be pretty quiet and keep itself cool while giving me the juice I need for gaming at 1080p and do software development with dozens of Containers and VMs running (microservices horaay :rolleyes:). I saw some other cases out there that were quieter than the be Quiet! but seemed to run warmer - this case looked like a good middle ground with the default fan setup. I assumed adding 1 more at the top for exhaust would help the temps be a tad bit cooler than what I saw in some benchmarks.

Anyway, this is the system I've spec'd out. I'm wanting to make sure I have room for growth in storage. I was hoping to keep the build around $1800 or so and got pretty close to it. I think I could probably shave some off the motherboard if I went with something else but had a hard time determining what was a good one vs what I should avoid.

I appreciate any thoughts or opinions you could provide!
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May 18, 2020
I took a look at some of the 2060 Supers but noticed that the FPS even at 1080p on a lot of games, such as Assassins Creed Odyssey, is boarder line at 60fps. Since I won't be able to upgrade for several years I'm a little nervous that the I don't have a lot of headroom even at 1080p without turning graphics settings down. Would hate to spent the money and then have to start turning down graphics settings 12 months later.
The benchmarks typically were with an Intel 8700K which seems to be a slightly better gaming CPU than the 3700X.


Jan 24, 2013
I have got great news for you

You can save ~100 on a more budget case
You can save ~75 downgrading to a B450 Mobo
You can save ~90 by just using the stock CPU cooler
You can save ~60 by using 16 gb of ram

You could even go 5700xt or 2060 Super and have enough money to buy a really good 1440p , low response, high refresh rate monitor.


Dec 4, 2019
While the B450 motherboards are fine, the PCIE 3.0 limits your storage options. Having an x570 and two M2 slots on PCIe 4.0 I would suggest waiting for a B550 motherboard. Some of the B550's have 3 M2 slots.