First time builder - want to order today before hurricane!


Aug 27, 2011
If anyone has a chance to look over this build and check it over, I would really appreciate it. This is my first time, so I am a little worried. Here is the build:

The second set of memory isn't showing up in pcparts picker, but here is the link:

Second, a few questions:

-I have swapped my antec power source for this one as I was worried about cable management, but the new ps is slightly lower rated. Suggestions?

-Which of these sets of memory would you suggest, or a different kind all together?

-I debated on the video card for a while (used to have XFX). Does this setup look better/ok?

-Someone mentioned that my mobo would downclock the ram, but as far as I can tell, the ram is supported. Am I missing something?

Please let me know if I am missing anything or if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
A few thoughts:

Any reason you went with the P67 when for the same price you could have Z68?

For 10 more the faster memory looks attractive. If money is an issue go with the 1600 memory. If not, go with the 1866 memory.

The XFX card you selected looks fine.

The case you selectde does not have USB 3 ports at the front panel while your MB does have USB 3 headers for the front panel. Be aware of this.