Jan 21, 2010
OK so I have decided to build my own PC for the first time. I am very new to computer hardware and am looking for some advice so I can have a starting point on what to research.

First of all I mainly use programs like winRAR, QuickPAR and other video extracting software. I do a lot of Video downloading and watching. So obviously I want a PC that I can hook up a 1080p tv to and get 1080p resolution.

I play some mediocre games but nothing too graphic intense.

I had my heart set on an i7 processor because I heard they run programs like WinRAR a lot faster than other cpu's and I've read some threads about the 860 vs the 920 and the motherboard and upgradability difference etc. I've also been looking at some of the Q8300, Q9400 etc.... I'm not so worried about upgradability as I am lasting performance on the motherboard since I'll probably only upgrade once every 5 or so years.... so of the i7's I think the 860 would be my choice... Input? and the reason I was thinking Q9400 is the DDR2 ram... way less expensive and from what I've found not a big difference from DDR3

I am on a budget but I don't think it will be too big of an issue since I don't use my PC for anything too intense. Should I even go Quad core for what I use it for?

Anyways, the advice I'm kinda looking for is:

What is a list of all the items I'll need hardware wise? (motherboard, processor, case, hard drive etc...)
What are compatibility issues I should watch out for?
Any Suggestions on sites to use for parts? (tigerdirect, newegg etc?)

SO here's some specs I'd like to hit:

Fast Enough processor to handle my movie unzipping, converting and 1080p res (not even sure if the processor makes a dif with the 1080p crap)
at least 4GB of ram (DDR2 or DDR3, dual or tri channel)
1GB video card that can handle the movie stuff
hard drive not so worried about as 500GB of external storage is only about $60
a nice dvd burner etc.

I know it's all a little vague (like I said I'm still new to the hardware stuff) but any advice/input would be greatly appreciated
^ Yes a Quad will better suit you needs...
And have you checked out the AMD Athlon X4 620 ? It cost just $99 and is actually one of the best value Quad out there now...
And if you go with AMD, you can do away with the graphics card for now as AMD mobos has very powerful onboard graphics, which can easily decode 1080p and also play games decent(at low resolutions though...will not be an issue if you are not an intense gamer)

RAM, DDR3 is the way to go...low power consumption, slightly faster and will eventually replace DDR2 in the near future...and the price difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is not much...maybe $10-$20 max...

Website - newegg.com is generally cheaper...but do browse through google shopping to get good deals...