First time building a computer and OCing.


Sep 30, 2015
I might build a computer in the near future and want to overcIock it, but I don't usually have that much time to run stresstests for hours.
What's a decently safe setting for overclocking my processor with my cooler? Here's the parts list Thanks in advance.
I would spend a little more and get something like this -- If you can get an i5 that's even better.


First of all u have to build it and make sure it runs without issues.
Why r u overclocking ? To get extra computing power ? Then just get better cpu .. like g3258.
Psu u getting is really bad, I would suggest not only not oc anything on that psu but get a better one. Ur psu is central to making the rest of ur components work properly.
Why don't u state ur budget and what is that pc intended for and we can help u out.