First Time building a PC i already bought 3 of my main components


Nov 17, 2012
Hello and this is my First Time building a PC.

Okay this is what i have and bought it at CompUsa :

Asus m5a99fx pro 2(159.00) Iam stuck with this because it is already opened

Corsair TX Series 750W PowerSupply (40.00)

Amd radeon 6450 core edition (60.00) <-- i can exchange if i want because i havent opened yet

this is what i am about to get at my local store

Amd FX 4100 (85.00)

Kingstong DRM3 8Gig 2 X 4gigs (35.00)

I already have a hard drive i think i am set but what i want is to build a pc that can run atleast some good graphic games and i will using it too for visual basics,photoshop, and some programming programs in it. Everything can be exchange except the power supply and the motherboard do you suggest i spend my money in something better or will this do for what i need, thanks?
should have gotten intel. performs way better and uses half the power


throw away the 6450. you can probably only play something simple like flash games or COD at low settings

theres cheaper ram at newegg

the motherboard is pretty overpriced

fx sucks. id rather get a phenom ii x4 965 or at least a fx 6300



Apart from the fact it's obviously limited you to most AMD processors, the motherboard is pretty good, if overpriced, so no problem there. Power supply is probably a lot more than you need, it would run TWO fairly powerful graphics cards.
Thank heavens you haven't committed to FX4100 and HD6450, as both are really pathetic. What is your budget for processor, graphics card, and RAM combined, and something better, I'm sure, is possible.