First Time Building Pc - Is all of this compatible? Ready... Set.. ?


Aug 31, 2011
Hello all.

I'm building my first gaming Pc. :) Budget is 300 and not a penny more. I don't expect much but I'm aiming for the best. I want to name a few things I'm buying and, if you don't mind, tell me if it's all compatible or not. And, if I can get the exact (or slightly better slightly not) same thing for a better price or whatnot :)

ASUS M4A87TD EVO - $59.99 -

EVGA GeForce GT 440 1024MB DDR3 - $79.99 -

AMD Athlon II X3 450 - $73.99 -

PNY MD4096KD3-1600-X8 XLR8 4 Gb 1600 DDR3 - $19.99 -

ATX Mid Tower - $16.99 -

Deepcool Copper Base/Aluminum Heat Sink - $16.95 -

I also need a cheap PSU that will power it all ! Mind naming a few, that will fit the mobo. And also could you tell me if the mobo will fit the case? Also if you know like a cheap 500 Gb INTERAL HDD I could buy for less than $25 that would be amazing! If not I'll just use my old 160GB :(

Thank you very much ! :D
ATX is a standard so an ATX case always accepts an ATX motherboard and power supply

If a power supply is too cheap it usually means its going to blow up and wipe out the rest of your computer before too long .
On the geeks website the only PSU's of any quality are the Antec models and they all probably cost too much for your budget . The rest look like junk .

On newegg
the Antec 380 green , is probably the best you can do on a budget

Do not be fooled by others claims their psu is "500 watt" . If its cheaper , it probably can do 500 watt for a bout 20 seconds and then you better have fire insurance