First time building


Hi guys,

I am building a gaming computer with my friend and we were originally going to spend $200, but we found a $260 computer that was really good and decided to buy it.

So i decided to post it here and ask some Questions about it.

1. Is this good for gaming? like CSS and other mild games?

2. Is it a good deal?

3. it doesn't come with a HDD or Op. Drive. but we have a Maxtor HDD, and DVD-ROM, is this ok?

4. We want to run Linux on it so which version should we use?

5. If we built it with the Maxtor and DVD-ROM, what would the resale value be? What if we built it with a new Seagate Barracuda,7200 RPM,80GB. hard drive and a better optical drive, what would the resale value be then?

Any replies are welcome. Thanks a lot.