First time bulding Computer. Is this good and will it work?


Nov 19, 2010
Hi!!!! I'm planning on making a new computer. I have a budget of $2000 so here's what I'm planning to get.

Computer Case: AZZA Hurrican 2000 Full Tower(comes with 8 fans)
Processor: i7- 2600k ( Overclocked to 4.6)
Ram: Corsair 8gb ddr 3 ramn 1600MHz
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V
Cooling System: Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit 360MM w/ Triple Fan
Graphic card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570 1.2GB DDR5 [SLI]
Power Supply: 1,000 Watts - CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gaming 80 Plus
Hard drive: 2TB Western Digital
SSD: 120gb Intel
Monitor: LED 1920x1080 27" monitor [x 2]

Will this work?(Example: Will it overheat or Powersupply isn't good enough)
Is this good for Gaming and Multitasking (I might have bluray video playing on one monitor while browsing the web on the other monitor)
Should I change anything? Is some component unneccessary? [Example: Cooling system or power supply]
You Suggestion for $2000 computer (Exluding monitor price)


Mar 22, 2009
interesting build. Now, do you plan on running native resolution on both those monitors. I can't say if your 570 in sli will be able to keep up well and high graphics settings (which I assume that is the point of building this computer) Is that native for a 27" screen - 1920x1080 cause I have a 22" and it's 1680x1080, anyway, I would just get 2 24 inch. Lose a hard drive, if you're really planning on using 2tb of space make your second HDD an external storage device. Another thing, 8 fans in your case, absolutely wont need that, especially if most of them plug on your board that will definitely put stress on your board, unless you plug them on your power supply, but who needs 8 fans. I would get the Corsair self contained water cooling cpu cooler, I heard it has phenominal cooling temperature. If 2000 excluding monitor I would try and squeeze another graphics card in there, or buy (2) 580's...not sure what the going price is at the moment, but that's what I would do, and in the near future, you can add a thrid one :)