First time buying gaming desktop, looking for under $1,000, must play Fallout 4, recommendations, please?

Dec 20, 2015
I am buying a gaming desktop for the first time (well, my mom is going half-sies with me for Christmas), and I do not know exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not interested really in playing any crazy graphics settings or doing modding or anything like that, I just want a machine that can run games like Fallout 4 at the same quality as an XBox or Playstation. Also, it must of course be able to perform functions like Microsoft Office, and if anyone is knowledgeable about good computers for music recording I would appreciate that information as well. My price range is under $1,000. I thank you for your recommendations in advanced.

NOTE: I am wary of building my own machine, but if anyone knows of a kit or other very simple way to do so, I would welcome any advice.


Nov 13, 2015
Best advice? Don't jump into anything without doing some research. Even if it's a Christmas present, don't feel like you have to make a choice by the 25th. You will regret rushing it. Second best advice? Build it. You will get a much better computer for your money and you will feel better about it because you made it yourself. Take some time to watch some Youtube videos. AwesomeSauce Network, Paul's Hardware, LinusTechTips, and HardwareCanucks are some great channels to learn all about building a PC from. Get on PCPartpicker and see what other people have used. Newegg has DIY kits that include most (if not all) of the parts you need to build it yourself. You could start there.

Finally, if you absolutely must buy off the shelf, get the computer with the best processor and graphics card that you can afford. The other stuff (like RAM and hard drives) can easily be upgraded later.


Aug 15, 2015
Well, if you're wary of building a system, don't be! It's very simple, really, and not extremely easy to screw up. However, if you are not willing/able to build your own system, I suggest you look at CyberPowerPC or iBuyPower if you want prebuilt systems. I have a friend that got an iBuyPower system and he is happy with it.

Feel free to PM me with any questions!