First-time Gaming PC Build, Graphics Card Choice Help


Jan 10, 2017
R9 380 2gb, R9 380 4gb or R9 390 8gb

I need a graphics card for my first gaming pc build, but I am not too sure which to go with. Price and future proofing are my main priorities, and my budget (for the graphics card) is about £150 ($123.21) although i can go a little over this budget.

I'm fine with buying second hand and other similar graphics cards are good as well.

The rest of the pc specs (so far):

CPU: I3 6100
Mobo: Asus H110m-a
RAM: 1x 8gb ddr4
PSU: Generic 500w <-- I can change this based on the graphics card chosen
1080p I assume. You can't have price AND future proofing. Working with a budget means sacrificing some things for other things. One of the luxuries you get spending more money is that the item tends to last longer. That said, I'd favor the 4gb 380 of those 3 cards. It's got enough performance to keep you gaming at 1080p(with sacrifices) for awhile. The 4gb gives you the option to use higher settings on some games. I would not spend the money on a 390 8gb, unless you are getting some kind of ridiculously impossible to pass up deal.

Just as a reference point, the 380 is equivalent to a GTX 960/GTX 1050 Ti.

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