First time OCing


Aug 7, 2008
This is my first time trying to OC , so i dont know soo much about this . But i have been googling around and redaing on this forum for awhile .

My system is

Amd 64x2 4400+ Bristbane . Stock cooling
MSI motherboard Am2 with the nforce 560 chipset
8600 GT silent cooling.
2gb Corsair Value S. PC5300 DDR2 667 MHz .
Antec Sonat II with 450 w PSU , and 1 chassi fan .

Soo here is what i have done tonight , i dont know where to go from here , a bit scared maybe ? =)

The OCinfo:
According to CPU-z

Core Voltage 1.296
Core Speed 2.633.3 (this would be 300 mhz over stock i think)
Multiplier x 11.5
Bus speed 229.0 Mhz
HT Link 1144.9 Mhz

Now the RAM is a bit odd , like i said i dont know anything about this realy

Dram Freq 219.4mhz . Now this is low right ? says 667mhz on the website i bought them =)
CL 5.0
tRCD 5
tRP 5
tRAS 15
tRC 19

After about 2hours of 100% load on both Core's with Prime 95 (did run 2 Prime 95 , one for each core ) stress test my CPU heat is at 35 C , and i got no warnings or errors in Prime

Well , what shall i do next? is there somehting that is complety wrong here? . What about my RAM ?

Cheers folks



Jan 1, 2007
the speed you see in CPU-Z for ram is DDR rate and since ou got DDR2 ram so you should time that speed by 2 and thats what your ram is running at.

and in the prime 95 make sure you have ticked error checking in the option small ffts for max CPU temp and blend test for memory stability.