Question First time overclocking i7 8700k

I see max temps of mid-80's, which is not really stellar..

Unless struggling to maintain FPS for a 144 Hz monitor with at least a 1080Ti or 2080, I'm not sure I'd run that sustained if mid-80's are routine temps...

(What did you use to get 4.7 GHz on all-core? Merely enabling MCE, presumably? Leave everything else auto/default except for XMP/3200 MHz, and retest)
Oct 3, 2019
I have disabled MCE, Cpu Core Ratio to 47, switched Cpu Vcore loadline calibration to Turbo, set Core Current limit amps 255 . ram xmp profile enable 3200mhz thats pretty much it. And also I have a 240hz display with a Rx 5700 XT power devil red color playin only Apex Legends on Very Low.

I have just lowered my Vcore voltage from 1.280V to 1.250V and ran aida 64 for 30mins this is what happend.
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The temps you are getting are about right. The CPU cooler you are using is good but not great for overclocking and Aida64 stability test does put quiet a load on the CPU.

As to vcore, you are not doing to badly at all. I eventually settled for a 4.9GHz at 1.278v on my 8700K for a 24/7 overclock on a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 Motherboard (LLC High and adaptive) but note that I have delidded the 8700K and use a 360mm AIO so my temps are just very low and cannot be used for comparison. Peak temp in AIDA64 Extreme for stability test is 68 degrees.