First time PC builder, Core i7 gaming computer


Jul 24, 2009
Hi. As my title attests, I have never built a computer before, although my father will be helping me with this build. I have a budget around $2000 (not including monitor) so if you guys see my prospective build and can suggest some changes, then please keep within this budget. Thank you guys in advance for your time and effort

From Newegg,
Windows Home Premium with Windows 7 coupon 109.99
HAF 932 149.99
Corsair 1000HX 239.99
Corsair RAM 159
EVGA Classified 409.99

From microcenter
Noctua Nh-u12p 69.99
BFG GTX 275 x2 399.98
Samsung DVD drive 29.99
Western Digital 1 TB drive 109.99
Intel Core i7 199.99

As for a monitor, I am looking for a 1920x1200 monitor for around $300.
This computer will be used for gaming, and I am also planning to overclock the CPU.
I am complete noob at all of this so please, any tips or comprehensive guides on overclocking, assembling computers, etc. would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

A very nice set of components, but I see some overkill.

If your gaming resolution is to be 1920x1200, then a single GTX275 will give you good gameplay in most games. With two of them in sli, you can use a 30" monitor at. 2560x1600. Such a monitor will set you back about $1000. It is, however one of the few future proof pc purchases you can make today. You will be looking at it for several pc generations. See if you can't hit DAD up for enough to get one.

To help save a bit for it, here are a few places to save that will not hurt:

The haf case is nice, but a Antec 300 at $60 will cool just as well, and still hold all your parts. How much do you value "bling"?

Corsair 1000HX is a bit of overkill. How about a PC P&C silencer910 for $170?

Cpu performance is not very sensitive to ram speeds.
If you look at real application and game benchmarks(vs. synthetic tests),
you will see negligible difference in performance between the slowest DDR2 and the fastest DDR3 ram.
Perhaps 1-2%. Not worth it to me.
Don't pay extra for faster ram or better timings unless you are a maximum overclocker.
Patriot 6gb kit of ddr3-1600 is $85

The evga classified is for record overclockers or tri sli fans. A more basic board would serve you just as well for $215:
You will have no problem overclocking to i7-975 speeds(3.3+)

With those savings, you are close to a 30" 2560x1600 monitor.

Otherwise, you can gat a single good vga card and save a bunch gaming at 1920x1200.