Question First Time VOIP User

Hexa Fox

Sep 8, 2013
Hey guys I was hoping this community could help me understand some VOIP basics. I have been watching videos and trying to get a better understanding but still a little confused. Basically I need to figure out how to add an office phone for work. We are also in the process of ditching our home phone and possibly looking for a replacement. We do not get the best of service on our cell phones where I live so I need the office phone at very least. I exchanged a couple emails with Obihai on their devices, but that was not much help.

So I would like to get a basic Cisco (or Cisco like) office phone and use it with VOIP. I understand that you can use Google Voice for free, but have been told to be weary of limitations, Obihai also told me this. I do not get a massive amount of calls but the phone needs to be decently reliable. If work or a client calls me they need to be able to leave a message. However, other than it needing to be reliable and needing the voice mail capability, I do not require much else and probably never will. So do you guys have recommendations on what device I should get and which service I should use with the device? I am primarily concerned with my office phone but interested in hearing about what I could do to replace the home phone as well. Thought about purchasing one of the Obi Adapters and plugging my landline phone into it. I was told I would have to migrate my number from the landline to a mobile number before porting it over to Google Voice as well.

Also is there any chance you guys can recommend a good POE capable network switch as well?