First time water cooler


Jan 15, 2012
I want to water cool my gtx 560 ti and my 2600k. I have a Nzxt Phantom case. Will these things work?
Current Specs:
560 ti (MSI twin Frzr II)
Sabertooth p67 chipset

CPU Block:

GPU Block:
I need help in this area. I want full coverage please help me find one

RAD: (back of case) (top of case)




what is the name of this res in the photo

Also what liquid would u recommend? and What size tubing ? give me any advice you can

Hoo-Rah on the res there mate :)
just one? they look awesome in pairs you know...

second one looks like a bitspower job, ok but not as visually damaging as the t-Virus res

I'd swap the Cpu block for a Raystorm,
coolant? distilled water, the UV cathode will keep your water clean btw, its a nice side effect
655 for the pump, you may want to expand later on and you will have the power to do that easily rather than buying a new or additional pump
and I don't think you can get Fc's for the 560Ti, its universal blocks and ramsinks unless anyone knows of a compatible block


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If you have a reference 560ti, the full-cover heatsink will. They are meant for use with Swiftech MCW60/80/82 blocks, but might work with others.

You wouldn't apply normal RAMsinks with thermal paste; you'd either use thermal adhesive or thermal tape.


Jan 15, 2012
alright also do ether of u have ne experience with nzxt phantoms? im trying to figure out the best way to run this within the case. I want it to go as following

res -> pump
pump-> dual rad (top of the case)
dual rad -> CPU
CPU -> single rad (back of the case)
single rad -> GPU
GPU-> res

and it would be bad to run one big tube from the bottom on my case to the top of the case right ? like if i went from pump to dual rad n the pump was at the bottom of the case?
Theres no real difference in tubing size, the flowrate is not massively affected, although smaller diameter tubes will hold head pressure slightly better again, its negligible
90' fittings used to be frowned upon heavily but people are starting to use angled fittings more often, its still 'better' to use a softer angle if possible imo
but I have three 90's in my current build with no issues


May 2, 2012
i use a NZXT Phantom. remember to check how much clearance you have from the top of the case to your ram clips. mine measured at roughly 5.5cm.
This means you have enough room for a 30mm rad + 25 mm fan which is the standard size. however, you could fit an EX radiator with some 12mm scythe fans and that would probably do the job. Its your choice entirely though :)

also. you'll notice that the bottom left hdd bay can be removed as it is only held down with a few screws so you could easily fit a 120mm rad in there without voiding warranty. the only thing i'd worry about having the setup you posted earlier with the whole cooling setup is that it looks like those fans will be intaking air and they're both covering the main exhaust locations so when you blow the air in it'll heat up then naturally hot air rises and it wont be able to. leaving it floating about your pc case heating up your radiators. if you had one down the bottom intaking the cold air from below your case then have the top one exhausting then it should work a lot better.

sorry i just realised you only used that to reference the Res