Question First time water cooling build


Nov 18, 2012
This is my first time attempting a custom loop. I started buying the components and just waiting on their arrival. I have used AiOs in the past for the CPU and I was planning to get an AiO GPU, but none were in stock (at least that I could verify were new and not used) at a price I could justify. I just got a RTX 3090 ti Founder's Edition card and a Corsair hardline kit with a Corsair GPU waterblock and extra radiator. (I am opting to go soft tubing rather than try my hand at hard tubing for the time being as it seems easier from tutorial videos so bought tubing and fittings for that purpose.) The case I am building in is a Cougar Panzer Max-G. I am waiting for the case to arrive.

As I don't know if what I have planned will fit or not, I am curious about fan placements. I plan to put the 240 rad going in the front with the fans at the front of the rad blowing air through the fins. The 360 rad will go on top. (I bought extra fans just in case I can do this.) I want to have fans on both sides of the 360 rad (as I understand the terms, this is a push-pull configuration). If this fits my case with everything in it, great no issues. If it doesn't fit I have some questions on fan placements and orientation. I have seen many cases with fans on top of the top rad and just as many with fans on the rear of the rad. Not sure if they were blowing air through the rad, though. So with only one set of 3x 120 mm fans, should I have them on the top or bottom of the rad and should they push air through the rad out of the case or pull (?) heat out of the rad?

The other question I have if I have the front fans going through the rad into the case and the rear fan set as exhaust, it seems that the top rad's fans would want to go out of the case as well. Is 240 mm worth of fans going to be enough with 480 mm worth of fans exhausting? Or should I have 360 mm fans sucking air in and use the 120 mm rear and 240 mm front exhausting?

And since I am here asking, I may as well ask this question too, which isn't quite as crucial. As I bought the Corsair kit, it came with their clear coolant. Any suggestions on what I could use to color it?