[SOLVED] First Timer Build Advise

Dec 18, 2018
Hey Guys,
Curious if I could get some feedback on a build I am considering. Mostly concerned with the basics such as compatibility and similar level of components (I.e. not having 64gb ram and an underpowered processor). Uses will be gaming, CAD (w/rendering), and video editing.

Thanks in advance!

CPU - I7 8700k Water Cooled

Motherboard- GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (Intel LGA1151/ Z370)

GPU - GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid

Power Source - CORSAIR CX750M V 750Watt

Case - Lían-Li 011 Dynamic

RAM - G.SKILL TridentZ 2x16GB
DDR4 3000
On such an expensive build and a work build. I would go with a higher quality PSU. Such as a Corsair RM750x, EVGA G2/G3 or Seasonic Focus Plus Gold. There are others. But these are some top quality models which are popular.

RAM would really depend on how much video editing you do or the complexity of your rendering. I read a post in an article's comments section by a reviewer at PugetSystems that DDR4 2666Mhz is better to use than 3000Mhz. RAM speed hardly makes any difference in speed. However, they've found in testing there is a higher error rate in the faster memory. Most likely because it is overclocked. Pretty much anything over 2,666Mhz will be overclocked by the manufacturer. Even with 2666Mhz. I'd go with an actual RAM manufacturer like Crucial (Micron), SK Hynix or Samsung. So, that you know it is JEDEC compliant and not some overclocked 2133Mhz modules. Although with Crucial Ballistix may be OC'ed. While gaming may be a little faster. You don't want some render running for several hours to crash.

Pugetsystems has a Q&A for different build types. They build computers but also provide detailed benchmarks for a wide range of programs.