First used + new build - Are these parts compatible?


Dec 4, 2016
I'm about to build my second workstation and I realized the value of used parts. Are these parts compatible, and are they a good value compared to a new build. I can't find a cpu under 600 dollars that is even 10 cores, so I think buying 2 E5-2690s (v1) is a steal. For my ram, I am going to use ddr3 1333 pc3-10600r from (btw will there be a performance difference from the 16gb of ddr3 1866 memory I am currently using). I will be using an intel s2600cp2j motherboard from For my cooling I will use two of the cooler master hyper 212 evo coolers. For my case I will be using the planted ethos pro case, and for my gpu, I will be using my r9 390 from my current build. Is this build better than a all new build around $800, and are all the parts compatible? Thank you very much :) have a good day.


The processor is supported on the board and the rest also check out. Since we're dealing with 135W TDP processors each, you're going to need some beefy cooling or an air conditioner at the very least.

You're best option would be to get 240mm AIO's for each processor, IMHO or a custom cooling solution with 360mm of radiator each..

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