Question Fit mid-2011 iMac 27” internals into a mini-atx case ?


Jun 8, 2015
Hello, fine people.

I’ve come across an old mid-2011 iMac 27” computer that has everything working (it is getting an SSD). However, the aluminum housing of the main body has some dents that would require fixing. But before I do that, does anyone have experience or know-how to advise me how to go about grabbing the internals of this iMac and transfer them to a pc case (like a mini atx, perhaps)? Of course the display would need to be mounted separately, or something. I know the layout of Mac logic boards and their components aren’t the same as standard pc motherboards, but perhaps there is a case out there that could house the internals with some work put into it?

Might be a fool’s errand, but just wondering if it’s doable ?


Long as you don't mind adding your own standoffs and hacking up parts of the case, I don't see why not.

How bad is the original case? If you don't mind roughing that up you can probably get a uniform look to it, maybe take a ball peen hammer and just cover the whole thing in dents, maybe paint it a matte color. I've restored some old beige monsters by painting their main parts black and leaving the panel covers the original plastic, makes an interesting look.