Fitting and Powering the 5870


Sep 20, 2009
The specification for the case's dimensions are:
HxWxD : 16.97 x 7.52 x 18.5 in
So looks like I have 18.5 inches of room inside... hmmm nice :)

Remember that the depth measurement is for the full case including the hard drive cage. Make sure you have room in there. By the looks of it, i say there is lots of room in that case.


Aug 19, 2008
The issue is the maximum lenght of the card, with the power connectors is about tweleve inches, plus five inches for the drive cage that is rotated ninety degrees give you about seventeen inches. There is a front mounted fan. If the 18.5 includes the drive cage and not the space for the fan you should be okay.

Measure inside along the video card slot starting at the the slots at the rear of the case.

If you have more than 11.5" of clearance (eg, 11.6"), you have enough room.

Do NOT judge by the outside of the case.


Sep 20, 2009

I am not anywhere near my case, am posting from another country, and am planning to pick up the card from here :|

a guy from another forums measured 29cm of space at the video card slot, starting at the rear of the case, the 5870 is supposedly 28cm.
Can someone confirm this please?
From this:

excerpted this:

"Here is the Radeon HD 5870 installed into our test system. You will want to watch out for clearance, this video card clocks in at a full 10.75" inches long to the edge of the red vents on the back. You can see a close-up of the top vents above, the air that escapes here is very hot and does exhaust into your case. If however, you have a side panel fan or fan on the back of the chassis near the expansion slots, it could potentially exhaust this hot air. Also worth noting is a mention of the "intake vents" on the rear edge of the card. When quizzed about the value of these, we got a very serious, "Because the look cool," answer. And we have to admit, yeah, the look pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing."


Sep 20, 2009
ahh some good news finally.
I had sent an email to Thermaltake Technical Support.

Here is the details of the email:

Re: Technical Support
Monday, October 5, 2009 1:03 PM
From:"Michael Zhang" <>

Hi, yes it will fit.


Michael Zhang
Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand
Ph: 03 9763 1622
Online Warranty:
Replacement Parts:

From: s****** [mailto:s******]
Sent: Sunday, 4 October 2009 9:33 PM
Subject: Technical Support

Hi, I own a Thermaltake V9 case (not the black edition). I would like to
know if an ATI Sapphire 5870 Graphics card will fit in the case. The card is
approx 11inches long. I am currently in another country, so not physically
present in front of my case to take the measurements. I plan to buy the
graphics card here, but want to be sure if it will fit in my case. Thanks in



Sep 20, 2009

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :heink:

how about explaining your opinion instead of stating a one liner :non:


Sep 20, 2009
after a dozen phonecalls and an hour long drive, picked up the Gigabyte 5870.


Yeah its huge:

For others with a TT V9 case who wants to get this card:

thats the gap left between the card and the case.

had some little hiccups, but otherwise running fine.

hiccup no1:
some of my games are crashing. like nfs undercover, and call of juarez. *i had completed coj before on my old card and it never crashed*

hiccup no2:
i tried installing the 9.10 beta ati driver, ran fine for some hours, but when i restarted the comp. everytime i would start CCC, the screen would be filled with small multicoloured dots/squares and eventually freeze and loose display.
I rolled back to the normal ati driver available from ati's site, and its working fine now.

am amazed at how silent the card is...specially when am not gaming. only at intense games, with loads of action going on, the fan starts speeding up and makes some noise, but is drowned by my z5500 :p

am playing all my games at 1920X1080, 8xaa, 16xaf, (maxing these two whichever game gives me that option) with all settings high, am getting around 50~140fps depending upon the games am playing.

anyone else with a 5870 have similar problems?
I have had no such problems, but the "Most demanding" thing i have played with it was Unreal 3(and some Arkem Asylum). @ copies of City Of Heroes(Generally this game run out of CPU before video card) was fine. Quake III games are good. Source games as fine as well

I will try to play some other games and check, I have not had allot of game time.

Like you, i am impressed with the sound(thanks to a low power use at idle too) levels and the fact that it can run Aero at 157MHZ.

All my games are at @ 1920 x 1200, but settings vary with games.

Since this card is still new and running RC drivers, i would expect some problems.

Also, i had to move my hard drives down in an Antec 900(and do some case mods for my way of running things). so yeah, its big. This is mostly due to the cooler. 8800GTX's are about as long, but there cooler ends sooner and you just have a board and some caps to clear