Fitting hotswap SCSI cages to a Full Tower Desktop


Feb 18, 2010
Specifically, I'm looking for a medium to high-end case,
with lots of contiguous drive-bay space.
(sorta like a tower of 7 or 8 CD's)

and/or, a case for which it's not too much work to knock out
any "shelving" between bays, if not contiguous.

Example of the kind of cage, I looking to fit:

Intel AXX4SCSIDB SC5300 4-Bay SCSI Hot Swap Drive Cage Upgrade Kit

Perhaps something like the Intel SC5300 towers
should be what I should look at. But at first glance, (google),
I'm not finding the level of details on these, I'd like to see.

I was hoping to update the cages to Sata/SAS at some later date.

As an aside, i've wasted some cycles trying to do this
with a Chenbro SR-107. Chenbro is no longer bothering with
SCSI backplanes/cages, just SAS/Sata. (it's a nice case, otherwise)

Anyone here done this recently?
(fitting hotswap SCSI cages to a Full Tower Desktop)


Jan 30, 2010
I suggest the HAF 932.

Although there is a case made by Lian-Li (I forgot the exact model, PC-something) which is as large as the HAF 932. And there are many other full tower cases out there too. My knowledge is limited.