Question Fitting large CPU heatsinks in the INWIN 805 case


May 27, 2017
Hello everyone, so I am curious has anyone actually tried this so they can tell me their results.
I hAve an inwin 805 case, and currently I have installed the bequiet Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler in it. The manufacturers site says that the maximum CPU cooler clearance is 156mm in height (to be precise it says: cpu die surface to side panel clearance). Now, the shadow rock slim ,as stated on the beqiet website, is 161mm in height, so judging by the specifications provided by both manufacturers, this cooler should NOT fit in my case, but IT DOES. So, now I am wondering, has anyone tried to fit the cryorig R1 (ultimate or universal) or the bequiet Dark Rock Pro 4 inside this inwin 805 case disregarding the manufacturer specifications. If so, what are the results? Is it possible, will it actually fit? What are the ACTUAL dimensions for these coolers? I read somewhere a while ago that any case with a 120mm sized exhaust fan should be able to fit coolers that are about 160mm in height, this information seems true in my case.

Thanks in advance

Rest of my rig:
trident z rgb 16GB
gigabyte Z390-UD mobo
Asus Strix 1080Ti OC edition
kingston 480gb SSD
WD black 2TB HDD

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A Cryorig H5 Universal fit's and they are 160mm in height.


You've asked an age old question. And there's no easy answer. Cooler height is a given. There's no way around the heatsink measurements, they are finite. Case depth though is questionable. I've seen several cases that claim maximum height in 150mm+ range and pictures of a 160mm hyper212 sitting there all pretty. However, there's only 1-2mm of actual clearance between the cooler heatpipes and the case side, forcing the fan to sit a little bit lower.

So my best guess is there's a certain amount of extra clearance in many cases, due to several factors. Some case designs have more than one case side. My CM 690 II has 3 different panels available, but the clearance is the same for all 3. One is a plain solid metal side, one is a vented side for 2x 120mm/140mm fans and the last is an acrylic partial window. If going by the solid side, that's going to have flex, it might be a few mm lower or wider depending on if it's pushed in or out a little. The window edge sticks in a good 4-5mm but is a little stiffer, and there's no mention of whether that dimension accounts for fans in the third. Yet all 3 are the same.

So did someone get lazy in measuring? Did they use the fan clearance dimension? Is it the window or plain dimension? Can't say for sure.

Your case has only one side panel option, so you'd think the number would be static. But, what's the considerations? Did Inwin take off 5mm, just so pressure changes don't impact the glass? Do they account for space between the glass and tips and add for a taller fan if it impacts ram clearance? Did they find the tallest socket possible and use that dimension as gospel and you get a mobo that's 2mm shorter.

Did beQuiet use the maximim dimensions of the fan at maximum adjusted possible height at 161mm, and your fan is sitting 4 fins lower at 156mm.

Way too many variables for proof positive until its actually tried. I know that my Cryorig R1 Ultimate has ram clearance issues and the single 140mm in the middle sticks up several mm higher, the 120mm I swapped in the front sits level with the heat pipe tips. But at 168mm I'm seriously doubting it'll fit inside your case unless you have a good 7+mm clearance from that beQuiet slim to the case side currently.