Question FiveM lag with good pc

Jun 11, 2019
Hey Guys, I have an issue. I have been playing FiveM on a certain server and it lags like crazy! It's only on that server so I think it is in the server. But I don't know how, because another guy who plays on that server has lower specs than me and plays without lag. Can someone help me??


CPU - intel i7 7700HQ
GPU - GeForce GTX1050
RAM - 1x 8GB
Storage - 1x SSD 250GB / 1x HDD 1TB

I have already tried to reinstall the GPU drivers, limit the FPS and clear the game cache....
Can someone help me or does someone know a sollution??
Try capping your FPS, or, raising your res and quality settings to reduce your framerate to 60 fps or less...

You might be overwhelming the server with high framerate updates, and, lowering video quality only makes it worse..


Lag has not much to do with the pc in general, as far as cpu/gpu goes. Lag from a server is all about your Lan setup, hardware used (other guy might have asrock killer Lan and you don't etc) but mainly it's due to connections. It's entirely possible your connection goes from your house to local node, to closest big city, via satellite to the other side of the country, then hard-line halfway back again, whereas your bud is getting but half of that and is on all fiber optic line. You'd have to to a trace-route to that server to see if there's any loss of signal or otherwise bad node/connection somewhere, something you might be picking up on and your buddy isn't.