Fix usb flash short circuit


Jun 4, 2012
To whom it may concern,

I am seeking some very helpful advice from you regarding my USB which was accidetally broken in my tower when hit by my leg. I took this USB to to repaired (soldered) at my local computer technician, but by mistake the contacts were short circuted. CAN YOU KINDLY ADVICE HOW I CAN RETREIVE THE LOST DATA AS THIS IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE TO ME.
Looking forward to your advice. Thanking you in advance for your kindness.

Kind regards

Michael Micallef


Apr 6, 2012
If you busted the USB thumbdrive with your leg, and took it to a computer shop for repair (which is what I assume you mean by your "USB"). It's possible that if you have the thumbdrive repaired properly that it will still function, however if it did truly short circuit, it may have destroyed the NANDflash chip in the drive.

Your best bet is to contact a data restoration company to see if they can restore the data from the drive. These are professional services that should be able to do what you need, however they could cost thousands of dollars (at least here in the US they do, but only if they can recover your data, i think it's no charge for them to look and see if it's recoverable). So, it depends how 'vital' your data really is to you; if it's not quite that important, you could simply return it to the computer store and have them try again (or have them pull the data off the drive for you and put it on a dvd, I wouldn't use the drive for long-term storage anyway).

Never keep vital data on a thumb drive only, it's a dangerous way to live, as thumb-drives are easily destroyed or lost, and sometimes just fail. Keep this experience in mind in the future, and avoid being put in the situation again by backing up your thumb-drive(s) periodically to your primary PC (but don't feel bad, because many many people make the same mistake, just be one that learns from the experience rather than repeating it)