Question (FIXED) Displayport not working, upgrading from Intel to AMD.


May 9, 2016
Hi all

Upgraded my PC today from Intel to AMD. Swapped Maximus Impact III mobo and I5 6600k to the X570i + Ryzen 3700x. All other hardware remains the same and working fine. All quite straight forward. When I power on the DisplayPort will not work and get solid white LED on mobo which is ‘VGA Error’ in the manual. If I connect by HDMI from the GPU it works a charm and no errors and Windows runs perfectly and fast. All the hardware appears to be working perfectly, IE all fans, lights, RGB, mobo. Even when I power up with DisplayPort, it boots all the way to windows logon. I know this as I swap the cable for an HDMI and the screen turns on and waiting for my password (although I notice the white error LED stays on mobo). The GPU, DP cable and monitor were working fine hours earlier so can’t believe there’s a malfunction there.

I have done so much research and for the love of god cannot work it out. Please if anyone has a suggestion let me know. Thank you so much community!

FYI I have done the following:

Updated AMD chipset
Uninstall and reinstall NVIDIA Experience and drivers
Complete fresh install of Windows 10 on brand new M.2.
Ensured Monitor is set up as 144hz in advance display settings
Updated BIOS to latest version
Updated NVIDIA displayport driver for gpu
Unplugged everything (including monitor), waited 2 mins, plugged back in…
SSD driver up to date.
RAM and GPU removed and placed solidly back in
No other error lights or beeps on mobo
Installed Asus Armoury and updated all drivers it says to do.

Mobo: Asus x570i (ITX)
CPU: Ryzen 3700x
Mem: 32gb 2 x 16 Corsair Vengeance 3200
GPU: Asus Strix 1070 GTX
PSU:corsair rm650
SSD: Samsumg 970+ 1tb nvme m.2
Monitor: AOC 24G2I 144hz
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit