Question fixed my bricked pc, but now my drives are dead(?)

Oct 1, 2022
hello, recently i posted a thread about my bricked pc and how i was struggling to get it to boot.
thread here if you want to read it:
(TLDR: healthy pc died out of nowhere, replaced half of my pc before i got it to work, turns out my GPU and PCIE cable were fried)

also: worth noting that i switched from a semi-modular PSU to a fully modular one and i DIDN’T switch the sata power cable, i kept using my old one. could i have killed my own drives when i upgraded?

i got my PC working, it boots, or well… it doesn’t. that dreaded boot light on my motherboard is on. plug my pc into a monitor, stuck in a bios loop, notice that none of my drives exist anymore. tried everything i could think of, cmos, uefi+legacy, checking if SATA is enabled, switched the cables around, tried a new power cable, still nothing. my HDD doesn't spin up or make any noise either.
bought new SATA cables, and they’re both still dead. my SSD (that had my bios on it) and an internal HDD i used for extra storage. my PC has no burnt smell or anything, the drives are just completely unresponsive and nonexistent.

i think when my GPU bricked my drives decided to die too? or maybe i killed them when i upgraded my PSU? i DID make a backup of my important stuff folder a couple days before my computer died, miraculously, but there was an important file on my desktop i forgot to backup as well.

is there any way i can know for absolute SURE that these drives are completely dead? is there any way i can access the files at all? i bought a m.2 and that comes this thursday, so i can try things within my actual computer when that comes, but for now i’m completely limited to my BIOS.

am i screwed? do i have to pay someone for data recovery? any suggestions? i lost an important work file and i want to try everything before i give up and just restart it.

thank you for the help ^_^ this nightmare has been endless but i think it’s almost over, at least my computer works now but i’m so bummed about these drives. :(

Oct 1, 2022
Yeah, that killed the drive(s).

There may be a fix.
@fzabkar may be able to help with this.

  1. Never ever mix PSUs and cables. Ever.
  2. Always have a good backup.

yeah i feared this would be the killer, although this is my first build and i learned AFTER i did it that it was a no-no. i wish this was more common knowledge. :(

at least i know for the future.

i’m so glad i backed up everything before my PC died, i just wish i backed up more of it instead of just my ultra important stuff!!