Question [Fixed] PC won't boot

Jan 11, 2020
So I have a pre-built system for afew years now and I had my first problem in October, of which is happening again recently. I'm in contact with the company over the phone recieving and using their suggestions but I wanted to hear from a forum on their opinion.
Spec: i5 8400 2.8GHz
Asus GeForce GTX 1060 dual 3gb
Asus PRIME H310M-e motherboard
RAM 16gb corsair
SSD to boot up
M.2 & another SSD

I mainly see the motherboard being the problem and I'll explain why shortly.

The problem is the PC won't boot up, everything has power, the motherboard lights are lit up, the GPU power LED is lit up and the USB hardware (mouse, keyboard) recieved power and light up the RGB.
Pushing the button wont boot up the pc. I had this problem back in October and had it sent away. Of which, returned working as usual, although within the repair report, they said there were no faults found within the system, that they plugged it in and it worked fine, or so the guy over the phone said after I rang up recently to recieve help.

I got suggested to unplug, hold down the boot button for 10 seconds and then try booting up again, that didnt work.
I have now been suggested to unplug and leave for a while (12-24 hours) before plugging in and re trying booting up.

While I allow the PC to be unplugged, is there any other suggestions anyoneis able to think of?
Any questions you need to ask as well, ask away! Hopefully the information I've given is sufice to help narrow down the problem.

Cheers all who reads this.