Question (Fixed) PS4 turning on for one second only

Dec 19, 2021
Edit: so I found the problem and I fixed it, hopefully long term. I wanted to scavenge another PS4 to change the power supply, I have noticed that it came out much easier than the one I was working on. Apparently, the two metal rods the PSU goes in were bent, I straitened them as much as I could with tweezers. It seems to work so far

My ps4 (old fat version) got very loud so I thought it's overheating, with the help of a tutorial I cleaned and added thermal paste. During reassembly the strap that belonged to one of the two long screws that go on the PSU broke, I don't know if that's the cause though, I don't know their role. Now my PS4 will only turn on for a second and then off.
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