Fixing / fine tuning my build


Sep 10, 2011
I built this computer last christmas and do not feel like I get what I should out of it, was wondering if you guys could point out my draw backs.

CPU: i7 950 stock speed (runs hot out of box)
PSU: 1000 watt BFG
SSD: 150 gb
HD: 1tb
GPU: 2x EVGA gtx 570's
MOBO: Gygabyte
Heatsink: Offbrand water cooled
RAM: 6 gigs ( don't know exactly what they are )

Monitors: Running a 24" LED Sceptre as a primary, and have a Flatron LG E2350 as a second, plan to buy a third for less than 200.

Let me know, and thank you.


Aug 28, 2011
ive got a i7 950 @ 3.2GHz and even when i used stock cooler it was rather cool. under 45C load.
under 40C now.
is your case getting decent air movement through it?
im running nearly the same system. main diff is video. i have a radeon 5770. it does well. i play mostly starcraft II lately and its on max settings doing great. ill upgrade to the 7k series come late this year or early next when the better model numbers come out.
im also using 3 27" monitors. its ok with nearly maxed settings on shooter games.
the cpu is rock solid though. I have ran WOW, Starcraft II, Dragon Age 2, Netflix, Pandora, Avatar blu-ray, Sherlock Holmes blu-ray rip, a movie, and a AVG scan at the same time, all that got the processor up to 60% usage.