Question Fixing (P:) Stage 1: 1% (643 of 38400) Total 0%; ETA: 75hours

Dec 23, 2019
Hi, I'm experiencing a weird problem involving my new hard drive and I hope somebody can help me out. When I logged on to my computer today, I recieved a windows message saying that I should restart my computer to fix a hard drive error. The hard drive in question is a new one that I bought just a few days ago, and so far has been working fine. I restarted and my computer went through scanning and fixing my other two drives in a matter of seconds, but this new drive is currently stuck at 1% and has an ETA of over 70+ hours. Obviously I don't want to weight that long, so I was wondering if there is any way to stop this process. My computer is not allowing me to open bios or run the boot menu so my only option really is to turn it off and restart. Would this hurt my other drives that have already finished being scanned? Here's a picture of the error as well: View:
Then restart it. There's no doubt.
I just disabled that thing cause it would do it constantly on every boot on my friends computer (even tho the HDD is in good shape).

If the data is good (if data is pictures/music) open them and skip.

Move data and format the HDD and see with Hard disk sentinel if the HDD is good.

How "New" is your HDD?