Question Fixing voltage on AMD Athlon X4 950 @ 1.527v

Dec 4, 2019
I have an AMD Athlon X4 950 OC'ed to 4.2GHz but for some reason, when running CPU-Z, the voltage spikes to 1.527v which is far to high. I know Excavator chips and Bulldozer chips in general run rather high on voltages and high in temperature. I just find this unusual as I have seen the average 4.2 overclock but with voltages at about 1.45v instead of over 1.5. The overclock is in fact stable and doesn't hinder anything. I am just trying to fix the voltages as they are too high.

Also, is there any way that I could potentially overclock the RAM speeds to upwards of 2616MHz. I've seen in done with the A12-9800 on TechEpiphany's channel on YouTube. I'm trying to figure out how to achieve that if possible. I know Team T-Force is overclockable to an extent.

AMD Athlon X4 950 (AMD Wraith Max Cooler. Temps max under load at 60C)
Asus Prime B350M-A (BIOS version 5204)
AMD Radeon Sapphire R7 370 4GB
8GB Team T-Force RGB RAM 2400MHz
500W GameMax RGB PSU 80+ cert

BIOS Info:

BLCK Freq: 100
Memory Freq: 2400MHz
APU Freq: 42.0
EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled
OC Tuner: OC Tuner (Enabled I presume)
VDDCR CPU Voltage: 1.356v (Atuo)
VDDCR SOC Voltage: 1.050v
DRAM Voltage: 1.200v