Flash drive booting wont work


Jun 8, 2010
I'm trying to install they 0105 bios on my p8p67 pro rev 3.1, but last time i tried it said something like no cd rom detected.

Heres what i did: I used unetbootin to setup the flash drive to make it bootable, download bios and extracted it (its only supposed to be a rom file right?) then after unetbootin was done with the flash drive i put the rom file onto the drive. I restarted my computer and set the flash drive to boot priority. But when it restarted it opened a blue box that said Unetbootin at the top and gave me the option to choose default, or wait till the timer runs out and i didnt know what to do so i just waited then it gave me the error about the CD after doing a few commands or something.

At this point i thought i just ruined my mobo, but when restarted it just did its normal thing.

So what did i do wrong and how do i get this freaking thing to work without killing my mobo.
If you're having trouble with your flash drive, try asus "ez flash 2" flash utility program. You download it to your hardrive and install it. Then disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings if you find them in your bios. Then run the program while online and let it search for the newest bios file for your system.