Question Flash drive Movies - Soundbar

Jun 8, 2019
Hello, sorry for the question, but im not so tech-savvy. If i play movies from the usb flash drive thats plugged into my TV (Sony XF90) , will the soundbar pick up on the sound from it just fine? The soundbar would be connected to the TV via HDMI Arc.
Before you get all excited, are u sure you can play video via the flash drive on the XF90? 'cuz I looked at the manual and it makes no mention. It only says you can record a currently playing program which is s neat feature.

Every vendor has specific functionality for the USB port, u cannot assume.
They SB hook up should work but judging from the amount of posts, it may not be as straightforward as it should be. Often times I hear stereo only, no surround :( but this is a case-by-case basis.

If this is your main reason for getting a SB, buy from somewhere u can return easy. I wish this was more certain.