Question Flashing black screen after RAM upgrade on Lenovo V330.

Aug 14, 2020
I own a Lenovo V330 14arr with Ryzen 3 2200u and 4gb ram. I've recently installed new ram on it and been experiencing constant black screens. It happens only when i am playing games or use "heavy" applications like Chrome. I suspect it might be the new ram.

The black screen flickers then it boots back up to a loop. If i hard reset it and turn it back on it will start the auto repair and windows will always fail to repair.

So far I've done:
1. Cleaned and reinstalled drivers (AMD Adrenaline 20.4) with DDU because at first i thought it was the main cause of the black screen and flickering. Is it a driver problem for AMD APUs?

2. Memtest86 and the results were no issues were detected on the ADATA 2666mhz CL19 4gb ram i bought.

3. Clean installed windows 10 tried both latest version and older versions and the problem still occurred.

4. Checked my disk with chkdsk, defrag and cleaned it with CCleaner, Oddly enough sometimes my disk jumps up to 100% randomly. Im not sure if this is a related or separate problem. Or is it maybe a disk related problem?

5. Checked Event viewer and the only problem is KERNEL-POWER which i think happened because i have to hard reset the laptop every time the black screen occurs.

The ram i bought has a faster frequency of 2666mhz and CL19 opposed to my laptop's soldered 2400mhz and CL17 . Could maybe the different speeds and timings be the cause of this? If so what ram configuration should i get as a replacement?
If i take the new ram out I have completely no problems at all except the laptop being very slow. I would really appreciate a solution it's been bugging me for weeks now. Thank you in advance.