Question Flashing monitor during certain loads ?


Sep 27, 2017
So I recently built a new computer and I've noticed something is a bit off. During certain loading screens like for example when rust is loading the server list on the main menu the darker parts of my monitor flicker brightness. When I recorded it it did not show up in the screen capture and I also noticed when I tried to pull up task manager to show what the load was and the flickering stopped when I alt tabbed but came back after I took task manager offscreen. I tried both fullscreen and windowed borderless and it happens on both but it doesn't happen in regular windowed. The flickering doesn't happen at all when I pull the game up on my second monitor.

I just recently got this monitor but If I remember correctly my old monitor also did it. It happens in a lot of different games and is most notable on menu screens that are dark. I don't think I've seen it happen when I am actually playing a game, only during menu screens. My graphics card driver is up to date as far as I'm aware and I don't believe my pc is drawing too much from my psu because it doesn't flicker at super high loads but I'm a bit stuck here on what the problem could be.
I've got a gut feeling windows is doing some funny business but the term "flickering screen" is so obscure its hard to find relevant info. Any help would be much appreciated.

Pc specs
i9 10900k
16gb ram
NZXT z490 mobo
corsair rm850x psu
Dells 1440p 165hz 32" (that's the flickering one)