Question Flat ethernet cable continuously drops out.


Apr 15, 2012
Hey guys,

I recently moved into a new flat and because of the layout of the apartment, I bought a flat ethernet cable to run under the carpets to my PC. The cable was fine for a long time, then started to drop signal every 5 mins or so. I tested with a spare and the spare worked fine for a week or so, with no drops. I then bought a replacement flat ethernet and installed it thinking that was the obvious fix. Having only had the new one in for 10 minutes or so, it's already dropping out as per old cable. Same port modem to PC, nothing different from the spare that works fine, except the fact that it goes under my carpet... Any thoughts?

Technically they should not be allowed to call that flat cable ethernet. The wire is below the minimum allowed wire size to be a certified cable.
It in general works at lower distances but the second issue is the ends have much less area to make contact with the wire. First it requires special ends so any manufacture that uses the standard ones will have issues. Even then the end are very fragile compared to normal ones.
This is made even worse if you bought CCA cable rather than pure copper. CCA cable is also not allowed by the standards.

I would buy standard cables made from pure copper with wire size 22-24. You can run them under carpet but it is like any wire you will still destroy it if it runs under a area that you actually walk on. If it runs near the wall it will have no issues.