Question Flickering, horizontal noise bars but only when at 144hz with Displayport ?


Mar 31, 2014
Hi all

I've had a new PC for roughly a month now and it's been great, however two days ago I started to notice flickering bars of noise across the screen. It happens at random intervals and locations across the screen, and when idle and under load (I say load, I've only been playing Darkest Dungeon lately). I've done a bunch of things that I'll list below alongside my specs.

  1. Tried different DP cables but still occurs
  2. Tried different DP port on GPU but still occurs.
  3. Still occurs at 1080p 144hz.
  4. Doesn't occur at 1440p 120hz.
  5. Doesn't occur with HDMI but 100hz.
  6. Updated GPU drivers to the latest and still occurs.
  7. Freesync is already off due to causing issues so isn't that.
i7 10700k
32gb 3600 RAM
MSI tomahawk z490
LG - Class UltraGear 27GL850-B Quad HD 27" Nano IPS.

I've still got to try the following:

  1. Update chipset drivers.
  2. Make sure the Nvidia control panel is set to performance.
  3. Unfortunately the monitor doesn't support HDMI 2.1 to change to that.
Thanks for any and all help.

Balkan BuraZZers

Jul 17, 2015
I have similar issue on my aoc 144hz, what happends to me is monitor freeze 90% of the screen for example chrome, and i can see the top of chrome tabs and stuff and sound is still going, when i do nvidia replay everything is fine on recording, so that makes me think that its monitor, and at 1 point it froze for 2 minutes went black with some kind of red on top and then it comes back to normal, but sound is going, no buzzing, idk i just hope it is not gpu