Question flickering/horizontal static whilst gaming/watching video

Aug 23, 2020
Hi there! This is my first post on the forum because I'm slowly giving up on how to fix this issue I've been having with a brand new Razer Blade 15, 2020 model. I have the 1660ti version with the 144Hz monitor. It's been running extremely smoothly, I tend to use it to play games (namely Modern Warfare) and watching videos. I recently had to update windows AND modern warfare and noticed that now every so often, sporadically and completely unpredictably, I will get a visual static, flickering for a brief moment during gameplay or video playback. it consists of mainly horizontal lines similar to that of old TV static or looks as if something is tabbing in and out extremely quickly. It does not disrupt gameplay or video playback and swiftly resumes the task (lasting a total of under 0.5s) but is an obvious annoyance and I'm worried that its a hardware issue - though I want to doubt this due to how recently I've bought the laptop (in early May). I googled around and tried updating my video card drivers, updating windows etc and even repatched and downloaded Modern Warfare (despite the huge dl) but nothing seems to address the issue. The fact that I get the defect when I'm not gaming makes me think its not game specific but it is very pronounced when I am. I am unable to screencap simply due to how random the flickering is - sometimes I won't get anything - other times its several flickers in a matter of seconds.

If anyone is able to help me with this I'd really appreciate it! I'm slowly losing hope.

thanks again guys!