Flickering in games

Hello all, I am having a problem with my system maybe the GPU in game a get a lot of wired flickering, like when in crysis the trucks move back and forth when they are driving like a shuttering and in CODWAW when respawning the screen jumps up and down. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS
Well, now that you mention it the last two Nvidia driver releases 185.85 and now 186 have caused some flickering on some my machines. My son's 9800GT He games with would not function properly with 185 and had to be relegated to an earlier driver version. Perhaps try an earlier driver and see if the flickering persists.
(Ok so a update) I tryed to uninstall the GPU drivers and reboot

the 1.86 are gone but it left 1.82 in the system

I tryed NFR to remove them but cant seem to get the drivers and the control panal out of my system to start clean

1.82 did not help anyways

This is like a glitch when respawning the screen will jump up and down and in crysis the trucks look like there driving back and forth as they move forward