Flickering Lights--Bad?


Nov 27, 2008
I built a system with a 650 watt power supply about 1 month ago. The computer is plugged into a 7-outlet surge protector. Whenever I turn the computer on, my ceiling lights flicker. Is this bad?

Thanks you in advance!
You may be close to overloading the fuse. If there are other items (lamps, tv, radio...) plugged into the same circuit (usually on the same wall), you may want to move them to another circuit. If you want to know which circuits control which outlets, use a lamp or something to test for power as you flip off fuses in the fuse box. It's a good idea to unplug your computer and tv for this.

If you overload and pop the fuse while the computer is on, yes it can be bad. You could get a surge or spike if you don't have a good surge protector.