Flickering Line on screen

Oct 15, 2018
I have recently changed my graphics card and I'm now running a AMD radeon HD 6570. OS- win 10.

A flickering line appears everytime I try watching a video on my monitor. (The problem is not with the monitor, I've tried with another one and line is still there)
It flickers up if the video is not in full screen however. I can watch anything full screen and not have any problem.
However if I have to windows open and youtube is playing in one of them the line will flicker every now and then.
I haven't been too bothered of it before but after trying to update my drivers etc. and it still being there I'm not sure what to do to resolve it.

I'm currently running it through HDMI with a HDMI mini adapter and suspect that might be cause of the problem but I just wanted to get some advice before I run off buying a new cable.

What is better to use however? HDMI-> HDMI mini cable OR a DVI?

Everything also seems to be up to date so I suspect a fault with my graphics card or cable. Since it has done this with another screen.